Assam Diwas: Celebrating the Rich Cultural Heritage and History of Assam
Assam Diwas

Assam Diwas: Celebrating the Rich Cultural Heritage and History of Assam

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Current News: Asom Divas is celebrated on December 2nd each year and is a regional public holiday in the state of Assam.


Asom Divas, also known as Sukaphaa Divas, is a significant day in the cultural calendar of Assam, commemorating the advent of the first Ahom king in the region and the formation of the state. This day, celebrated on December 2nd, holds immense historical and cultural importance for the people of Assam. December 2nd has been a public holiday in Assam since 1996.

Asom Divas: Detailed Insights

Commemoration of Sukaphaa's Arrival:

  • Asom Divas, also known as Sukaphaa Divas, is an annual celebration in Assam.

  • It commemorates the advent of Chaolung Sukaphaa, the first king of the Ahom kingdom, to Assam.

Historical Background of Asom Divas:

  • Chaolung Sukaphaa, a Tai prince from Mong Mao (near modern-day Ruili in Yunnan, China), founded the Ahom dynasty.

  • His journey began after a cousin's birth impeded his ascension to the throne.

  • Crossing the Patkai Mountains, Sukaphaa arrived in Namrup, Assam, on 1228, marking the establishment of the Ahom Kingdom.

Sukaphaa's Leadership and Legacy:

  • Sukaphaa is celebrated for his strong, courageous, and visionary leadership.

  • He unified the diverse indigenous ethnic groups of Assam.

  • Despite conquering local tribes, he fostered equality and integration, encouraging intermarriage among different communities.

  • His reign established a resilient kingdom that lasted 600 years and successfully resisted invasions from powerful dynasties like the Mughals.

Cultural and Historical Reflection:

  • The day serves as a tribute to Assam’s rich cultural heritage and unique identity.

  • Asom Divas offers an opportunity for the people of Assam to reflect on their diverse history, cultural practices, tea plantations, wildlife reserves, and traditional art forms.

  • It's a celebration of both unity and diversity, emphasizing the harmonious coexistence of various communities within the state.

Public Recognition and Celebration:

  • December 2nd, the day of Sukaphaa's arrival in Assam, has been a public holiday in the state since 1996.

  • The holiday is marked by various cultural events, educational programs, and public ceremonies across Assam.


Asom Diwas serves as a reminder of Assam's unique historical journey and its cultural richness. It's a celebration of the spirit of endurance, cultural integration, and the legacy of a kingdom that significantly shaped the region's destiny. This historical perspective not only underscores the importance of the Ahom Kingdom in Indian history but also highlights the enduring impact of Sukaphaa's legacy on the identity and pride of Assam.

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